Make the switch to low carbon heating with a CQS approved installer

The Contractor Quality Scheme (CQS) has been developed to ensure high-quality, low carbon energy installations in Jersey.

CQS incorporates industry developed standards to ensure that installations are of a high quality and demonstrate a clear commitment to customer care and protection.

Securing approval under the Scheme will demonstrate a contractor meets industry standards; highlighting quality, compliance and encouraging the growth of green skills locally.

Low carbon heating technologies covered by CQS will initially include air source heat pumps, electric flow boilers, electric storage heaters and panel heaters, with additional technologies to be added as the Scheme is further rolled out.

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Working with the Government of Jersey

The Scheme provides support to the Carbon Neutral Roadmap of policies to enable Jersey to lower emissions in order to reach its goal of net zero by 2050. As per policy HT1, government are running a low-carbon heating incentive which provides funds to businesses and households wishing to switch out their fossil fuel powered heating systems to low carbon alternatives.

To access the incentive, contractors will need to be approved by the Contractor Quality Scheme.

“We are really well placed to support the Government of Jersey with
the rollout of a quality assurance Scheme to support the low carbon
heating rollout. This scheme will drive high-quality low-carbon heating
installations, provide consumer confidence and support increasing the
number of installers with green skills.”


CQS Approval

Contractors going through approval under the Contractor Quality Scheme will be assessed to demonstrate they meet the required quality standards and customer service.



Below, you can find a list of CQS approved contractors participating in the Scheme. Each of the contractors meet industry standards of quality and compliance.

These contractors can access the Government of Jersey’s low carbon heating incentive on behalf of homeowners and businesses.



Technology type

1st Call Plumbing & Heating Solutions
Phone: 01534 859 136

Shop A
Les Jardins Du Soleil
La Grande Route De St Aubin
ST Helier

Electric Flow boilers
Electric Panel Heaters

DB Malorey Ltd
Phone: 01534 864 383

Villa Carrefour
La Grande route de St Laurent
St Lawrence

Air Source Heat Pumps
Electric Flow boilers

Isle-eco Limited
Phone: 07700 716 840

La Cloture,
Rue des Arbres,
St Helier,
Jersey, JE2 3FF

Air Source Heat Pumps

Phone: 01534 505 460

Queens Road,
St Helier,
Jersey, JE4 8NY

Air Source Heat Pumps
Electric Flow Boilers
Electric Panel Heaters
Electric Storage Heaters

Micron M&E Services Ltd


Phone: 01534 625 496

4th Floor, Channel House
Green street,
St Helier,
Jersey, JE2 4UH

Air Source Heat Pumps
Electric Flow Boilers
Electric Panel Heaters
Electric Storage Heaters

Scheme Documentation

  1. CQS-01: Contractor Requirements
    A guide to what you will need to do to comply with the Scheme.
  2. CQS-02: Assessment Process
    A guide to how you will be assessed to determine your compliance.
  3. CQS-03: Customer Duty
    The expectations on how you will work with your customers and their responsibility to you.
  4. CS-201: Low Carbon Heat Standard (Design)
    The technical standard for the design of all low carbon heat systems.
  5. CS-202: Low Carbon Heat Standard (Installation)
    The technical standard for the installation of all low carbon heat systems.
  6. Schedule of Fees
    The breakdown of fees for gaining and maintaining CQS approval.
  7. Process of CQS Approval
    The breakdown of the process to gaining CQS approval.


  1. System Performance Estimate
    A tool to provide an estimation of installation performance.
  2. Heat Loss Calculator
    A tool to provide calculations on the loss of heat. 

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